Ronnie the #trashcanpuppy


  Just over a week ago, Nile was walking in the alley when he heard a noise. He alerted his human who checked out a closed trash can where he heard squeaking. When he opened the lid, he found a tightly wrapped cloth bag on top…and it was wiggling. Inside was a brand new, baby puppy – less than a day old. With no idea how long he’d been there or who put him there, they rushed the newborn to their vet’s office. And it was a good thing too – because it was trash day and the trucks came down the alley less than an hour later.

We’re so grateful for Nile’s keen sense and his human’s swift actions kept the newborn (now Ronnie) safe and into the right hands immediately. Without a mother, he has had a village working to help. From his saviors, to the veterinary office who saw him immediately to the vet tech who took him home to nurse him for the first few crucial days…and now to his NLOL foster home where he’ll stay until he is ready for adoption.

Ronnie is a fighter in the best sense of the word. He is eating like champ and slowly gaining weight. We have no idea who he’s gonna be yet-but we know he’s bound to be awesome! Check back here for (MANY!) updates on his progress. #TeamRonnie #NlolChicago #trashcanpuppy

Pictured: Nile checking in on Ronnie to tell him “you’re safe now!”