Happy Gotcha Day Bowie


You often times hear us say that our dogs and adopters are like family to us. No happy ending exemplifies that more than this one. When we took Spock foster-to-adopt with former adopters (who had recently lost their beloved NL alum Nikko) we knew he was going to a loving home and we were excited to see if it was a good fit. Oh boy was it! Spock (now Bowie) fits right into their family and according to his momma, "brings so much life, love and laughter into our home!" In addition to adopting Bowie, they also also held a fundraiser at Localized, NFP this past weekend to help support New Leash on Life as a fitting celebration of Nikko's life!

We are beyond thrilled Bowie (and his ears, swoon!) found his way into their lives and so grateful for their support! Happy tails Bowie, enjoy your new life and your wonderful new family!