Happy Endings - Eddie (now Tucker)

We got a warm and fuzzy for you today! 

When we met Eddie (now Tucker) at the shelter, we were amazed at how calm he was even amid all the chaos. There was something about his gentle manner and his big eyes that made us say, "you are coming home with us buddy"

After his initial vetting, we discovered Tucker was heartworm positive; a slight roadblock in his journey to find his forever family, Thanks to an amazing foster, he was able to get treatment, rest, and learn all about being a dog.

As Tucker was getting healthy, we had a previous adopter reach out to us about the desire to meet a pit bull to bring into her family. They adopted Polly (a chi mix) from NLOL and thought it was time for a biggie for the family. Would the family like him? Would Polly get along with Tucker?!? We couldn’t wait to find out.

It turns out EVERYONE gets along with Tucker, including Polly! He now has a mom and dad who love him, little brothers who adore him, AND a sister Polly who let him join the family.

Tucker is a wonderful breed ambassador and we couldn't be happier for him. A perfect happy-ending! #adopted #thisiswhywerescue