Happy Endings - Peanut

We have a pint sized #HappyEndingFriday for you so sweet it'll make your teeth hurt.

When we met Safe Humane Chicago pup Peanut, he was so sick and so scared after being abandoned in a locked car. He looked up at us with those big soulful eyes as if to say, "please take me with you," and we knew we weren't leaving without him.

Once in foster, it took Peanut some time to feel better and to gain confidence. We knew there was a personality behind those scared eyes and boy were we right.

Peanut found his happy ending in the burbs with fur and human siblings. He loves his family but he ESPECIALLY loves his "person" and will follow him around the house for hours. He's goofy and silly and feisty - and is finally going to have the happy life he deserves. Happy tails Peanut boy and be good! <3