There's Something about Roselyn

We always knew there was something special about Roselyn. Something that we couldn't quite pinpoint, but we all felt when we met her. Something that has made many of our volunteers consider if there is any way they can squeeze her into their own multi-dog homes to make her their own.
Something about the way she initially seems so solemn and reserved:

But becomes the most outgoing dog in the room:

 The way she knowingly smirks at you:

 Then has our volunteers cracking up for hours:

The way she relishes attention:

And despite being tiny and compact, can still hold her own with the big dogs:

We're all a bit smitten with Roselyn. She is currently excelling in her foster home, but she is still on the lookout for her forever home. If you would be interested in meeting our Roselyn, you can contact us here or  find more information here.