Critical Mass helps NLOL

We are so fortunate that our supporters help and donate many items to help relieve the stress on our budget. Recently, one company, Chicago-based digital agency Critical Mass, was challenged to make a difference.  They had a set budget, and only about 2 hours to help.  The entire company was divided up with about 9 people on a team.  New Leash on Life was chosen by one of the groups to be the benefactor of what they were able to donate. 

They contacted NLOL and asked what we really needed.  At that time we were nearly out of big dog beds!  Those are vital because we try to place every dog in a foster home with everything they'll need, which includes dog beds.  The team at CM took up a collection and bought 9 huge dog beds for our pooches. 


If you are wondering ways to donate, we are always in need of:
-dog beds
-prong collars
-sturdy leashes
-crates (all sizes)
-dog puzzles
For other ways to donate, please email: