Dog of the Week: Greer!

This little beauty is a true gem. Greer came to us with a bad case of heartworm.  She spent a bit of time being low key to help speed her to success and we are so happy to report that she has made a full recovery.  Left untreated, heartworm can be terrible, but Greer went through a grueling few months of shots and she remained positive and happy throughout it all.  She was being cared and loved on by her great foster parents who helped get her through her tough time. 

Greer is a true mix.  She looks a bit like a French Bull Dog, a bit like a Corgi, and some have suggested a little like a Pit.  Whatever she is, she is a fantastic dog.  Chill, low key and super fun. 
She has a tiny body with short little legs but don't let her size fool you, she has a great personality. 

We are happy to report that she is in a Foster to Adopt home.