Is your home forever for JLo?

Many of you have heard about our recent addition to the New Leash on Life family.  JLo was abandoned at the vet's office that helps NLOL get their new additions in tip-top shape.  She was brought in to be treated for an ear-ache and abandoned.  She sat there for two months while her former family was contacted, promised to come back and get her, and then broke that promise.  NLOL was asked to get involved and find her a real forever home.

While she was boarding for such a long time, tiny walls couldn't keep JLo's spirit down.  She is fit and active and doesnt' act a day over 5 years old, even though she is an elder dog.

The only quirk she developed during those 2 months was that she now shows some dog aggression, when before she had none whatsoever.  We suspect it is because she was jealous of other dogs she'd see when out on her potty breaks, was worried and unsure of what was happening, and has so much untapped energy built up.  That's a tough situation for any dog to endure! We are hopeful now that she's in a wonderful foster home (with a former NLOL adopter) that this new quirk will work its way back out of her.

While JLo does have a foster home, she is still looking for her forever home.  For now, she would be best as the only dog in the home until we learn more about her and see how she bounces back.  Could your home be her forever home to live out her days? She is quite active and loves running and playing fetch.

Breed: Yellow Lab
Age: 11 yrs old
Temperament: very kind and loving
Kids: not tested
Rider in cars: perfect passenger
Walker: fast walker
Challenges: still working out 1 or 2 kinks from being boarded for so long. She developed a challenging intolerance that will need some extra patience and training to help with this new behavior.
Special Requests: Needs to be place as only dog situation.

Adoption Application:
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