Sweet, sweet Oliver [Calvin]

Calvin came to live with his new family quite quickly after coming into the NL family.  He was renamed Oliver once he was officially adopted making his new family a family of 5.  Oliver already has a dog brother Sinclair, and a cat sister, Mimi.  He is a great dog and really calms down quickly.

When he first came to live in the new family, he didn't know how to play with dogs nor did he realize what toys were used for.  Through continued praising of playing with his brother and learning to give his sister a wide girth when she's in one of her 'moods', he is already part of the family.  His favorite spot is snuggled up next to his mom and dad.

No dog is perfect and although Oliver is a wonderful addition to the family he is still working on space, a little leash aggression and some separation anxiety.  He is also in the process of learning basic commands and is showing great progress with consistency and boundaries.

Oliver's favorite food is cheese.  Carrying string cheese has worked wonders when redirecting him on walks and motivating his basic learning commands.  Oliver hadn't been tried out on kids and we were happy to find out that he was great with his three human nieces.  S (age 5), A (age 3), M (18 months) met Oliver and he was super gentle and just laid down while the girls climb on him.

Oliver is also excelling at the dog park.  He goes daily with Sinclair and can usually be found passed out on a piece of furniture relaxing for the rest of the day.

Oliver was crate trained when he came to us, and that has really helped with behavior modification.  He is a great addition to his family and is constantly adored by his whole family and the most popular with the nieces.