We need your help to restore Levi's X-Ray Vision

We always joke that our fosterdog, little SuperLevi ,was raised by Superheros. And while he is always trying to help us if he thinks we're in distress, and charm the seemingly eternally grumpy Miss M, we realized that little SuperLevi actually needs our help.
Quite by chance we discovered that Levi has a congenital eye condition that will effect his vision in the near future. He is not in any pain, and he does not have any vision loss at this time, but left untreated he will lose vision in the future. We were so devastated to hear this, especially as he is so young.
But the good news is, there is a corrective surgery that will make him as good as new. The bad part: this surgery will cost about $2,700 (at discount!).
But, we know SuperLevi is really depending on us to help find his Super X-Ray Vision. And we have some ideas...

 One of Levi's favorite Superhero things to do is go for group walks. And since he's such a great walker, we thought we would have a mini Superhero-themed walk to "Help SuperLevi find his X-Ray Vision". And since we know everyone does the walk just for the T-shirt anyway, we made our own limited edition SuperLevi T-shirts and dog bandannas, based on these photos:

 Want to support Levi in his search for his X-Ray vision?
Interested in getting a unique, limited-edition shirt, and snazzy bandana, that will help support Levi?
If you purchase 2 T-shirts, you will get one raffle ticket!

Here is how you can help:
If You Live Outside the Chicago Area:
We would love to see you walking with your pooch in your own area in Levi's honor. Just like on New Year's Eve where they check in to all areas of the country, it would be great to see photos of people from all over posting photos on Facebook wearing the T-shirts and bandannas on the day of the local walk and walking in his honor.
If you would be interested in buying a shirt: you can make a tax-deductible donation on the New Leash site.
-1 Shirt & 1 Bandanna is $33, including shipping within the US.
-Extra Bandannas are $15 each.
-You can purchase them by making a donation clicking here.https://newleash.ipower.com/chicago/donationform.asp
-In the 'description box' make sure to include your preferred T-shirt size.
-Please order by Thursday, November 3 to make sure you receive your items in time. We have a limited quantity, and shirts will be available as long as quantities last.

If You Live in the Chicago Area:
We will be having a fun renegade,Superhero-themed walk for Levi the weekend of November 12. We would love to have you join Levi, Miss M, and Mr. B to walk to find Levi's X-Ray vision.
Check for complete details in a future post, but to 'reserve your spot' and order your T-shirt and bandanna:
--1 Shirt & 1 Bandanna is $30, extra Bandannas are $15 each.
-You can purchase by making a donation clicking here.
-In the 'description box' make sure to include your preferred T-shirt size.
-Please order early. Shirts will be available as long as quantities last.
--You can pick up your shirt at the walk, or by arranging to pick it up at a NLOL adoption event.

Other Ways to Help:1) Please, please spread the word and share on your Facebook page or blog.
2) Any type of donation would be greatly appreciated. Levi's rescue is an all-volunteer rescue so all donations go directly to the pooches. New Leash on Life also seeks to help the under-represented pooches and has been so successful finding many homes for senior dogs, bonded pairs, deaf dogs, and many pit bulls (including Miss M!). They function solely on donations and are dedicated to giving dogs the medical care they need as they search for their future families.
3) Check our blog tomorrow as the pooches host a raffle including brand new versions of their favorite things.

Again, thank you in advance for your support. Special thanks to Frances Almeda for creating our amazing T-shirts and bandannas, Aleksandra for the creative ideas, Claudia for jump starting everything, Kelsey for being so inventive and organized, and all the great people at New Leash on Life and SociaBulls for helping pull things together.
Please make sure to check our Facebook page for updates!