Thank You, Thank You, For Saving SuperLevi's Eyesight!

 New Leash on Life has always been amazed by the generosity of our supporters, but this time you
have really outdone yourselves.  When we first learned that Super Levi would need expensive eye
surgery, we started thinking of ways to raise enough money to cover at least part of the $2,700
cost. NLOL is committed to making sure our dogs are and remain healthy while they await their
forever home, so it was never an option not to protect Levi's eyesight.  At the same time, the
number of dogs we can rescue is directly tied to our bank account balance, and it's always sad
 to leave Chicago's pound with fewer dogs than we hoped to rescue just because we can't afford

Thanks to the amazing generosity of New Leash on Life's extended family, the hard work of our
dedicated volunteers, and the incredible support from Two Pitties in the City followers, we managed
to raise a total of $4,600 in a few short weeks!  Super Levi's vision is safe!

We were already planning to make a trip to Chicago's Animal Care and Control in early December
to rescue more dogs. With this extra $1,900 burning a hole in our pocket, we will honor 
those of you who donated to Levi by rescuing another dog in need of medical 
care!   Thanks to your support, we will not only be able to leave the pound with several healthy
new dogs, but also one (or maybe more!) who needs some help getting back on their feet.  We
will be in touch with our favorite staff members at the pound as our intake date draws near to see
what kinds of "medical cases" they have and which ones might be a good fit for the NLOL family.

It's been amazing to see people near and far rallying behind the silly, petite, adorable, and
truly blessed Levi. We are humbled and grateful for all of your support, and we know
Super Levi is as well.  We are also so excited that one sick pup in Chicago's pound who has
been dreaming of rescue will have its wish granted - all because of you and Super Levi.
So we'd like to say one last SUPERSIZE THANK-YOU FOR HELPING SUPER LEVI.  

We’d also like to recognize these folks for donating raffle items, graphic design skills, photography
talents, and their precious time and energy:

  • Sirius Republic Collars--
  • Silly Buddy Collars--
  • Waldo Bungie Blog Custom Knit Dog Sweaters--
  • Trissi's Homemade Dog Treat Care Packages--
  • Our photographer Rasidel Slika (links to pictures coming soon)
  • Claudia Richman (NLOL adopter and all around great woman) for her help on the shirts and event planning --
  • Frances Almeda for designing the shirts and bandanas:
  • Aleksandra from Love and a Leash blog for her ideas and support--
  • All the supportive members of SociaBulls dog walking group 
  • E&A, of Two Pitties in the City fame, for fostering Levi, noticing his eye problems, and dreaming up the entire fundraiser
  • Damen Avenue Screen Printing for their amazing service and help getting the shirts and bandannas printed
  • And last but not least, all the fantastic NLOL volunteers and supporters who got the word out, shared Levi’s story, and walked in his honor! 

Super Levi just can't contain his excitement! His vision is safe, he's made a million new friends, and he helped rescue another sick pup from Chicago's pound! He's a superhero, indeed!Levi is flying off to his next big adventure, with his vision safe from those evil villains! Stay tuned for more details!