Sweet, sweet Oliver [Calvin]

Calvin came to live with his new family quite quickly after coming into the NL family.  He was renamed Oliver once he was officially adopted making his new family a family of 5.  Oliver already has a dog brother Sinclair, and a cat sister, Mimi.  He is a great dog and really calms down quickly.

When he first came to live in the new family, he didn't know how to play with dogs nor did he realize what toys were used for.  Through continued praising of playing with his brother and learning to give his sister a wide girth when she's in one of her 'moods', he is already part of the family.  His favorite spot is snuggled up next to his mom and dad.

No dog is perfect and although Oliver is a wonderful addition to the family he is still working on space, a little leash aggression and some separation anxiety.  He is also in the process of learning basic commands and is showing great progress with consistency and boundaries.

Oliver's favorite food is cheese.  Carrying string cheese has worked wonders when redirecting him on walks and motivating his basic learning commands.  Oliver hadn't been tried out on kids and we were happy to find out that he was great with his three human nieces.  S (age 5), A (age 3), M (18 months) met Oliver and he was super gentle and just laid down while the girls climb on him.

Oliver is also excelling at the dog park.  He goes daily with Sinclair and can usually be found passed out on a piece of furniture relaxing for the rest of the day.

Oliver was crate trained when he came to us, and that has really helped with behavior modification.  He is a great addition to his family and is constantly adored by his whole family and the most popular with the nieces.

group pictures

When we pick up new pups from Animal Care & Control, it is quite a long process of picking the right fits.  We typically take the ones that have a rougher past, a longer recovery and are long shots.  They each have a history and a story, some longer than others, however, once we get them, they transition so quickly into a new lifestyle.  They make friends, they become dogs, they are allowed to act like dogs and still be loved, they become part of a family, and part of a pack.

It's great seeing how the pups bond with each new 'class' we bring in and when they met pups from other classes at adoption events there are quick bonds that occur and it's great to watch.  It's also great when the dogs are placed in their forever homes and meet again at alumni events.  It's like they are brought back to the start of their better lives.  These are some pictures that were all happenstance and captures just a few moments in time.

Dave and Diego couldn't be more opposite in size, but they became fast friends.

 Roselyn is quite the social butterfly.  On the right, she and Calvin are sharing secrets and on the left she bonds with a different class member, Janice, at an adoption event.

 Vito & Karma were foster friends and are reunited for play time.  Above, Zelda and Calvin's parents are friends (both NLOL alums) and they have regular play dates.

Kameko's new parents and brother are already part of the NL family.  Here is Jude and Kameko sharing toys.

Kato & Woody, from different classes, met at adoption events and really bonded.

Kameko & Dude (Cletus) at the Wrigley Alumni Event

changes and new arrivals

New Leash on Life has been undergoing a lot of changes recently.  Changes in reworking administrative roles, to adding 7 new adoption counselors into the mix of training and taking roles, plus the dogs.  It seems fitting that new seasons bring change and we are excited to announce our new team. With the extra help we are able to focus more on the dogs and the people that make this organization possible.  We cannot begin to thank you for your donation of time, money, and continued support.

One of the many great foundations that NLOL stands on is that it is completely volunteer run, so all proceeds go directly To the Dogs (TTD).  Every person from the founding officers to the volunteers that we love dearly- none are paid for the work that they do.  We rely heavily on donations and fundraisers to make ends meet. 

This blog is intended to update, educate, and promote community within the NLOL family.  From adopters, to friends of pups, to activists, to volunteers, to extended families that want to know where the pups come from and their backgrounds.  We want to foster a safe place for NLOL families to bond and help each other out with problems or simple solutions to odd behavior.  Also, as committed people within the NL community, many of us fall in love with the pictures of dogs, love their bio’s and stories, and then once they are adopted, wonder ‘where they are now’ or other info.  If you would like to guest blog, please email us at: chicago@nlol.org

 These pictures are from our most recent fundraiser at Shuba's. 

What are some issues or questions that you have?  With our team of experts we are hoping to help with any type of questions.