Our Beginning

Over 20,000 animals are euthanized in Chicago each year. In 2005, a group of experienced and dedicated rescue folks decided it was time to put their efforts, ideas, and enthusiasm together. New Leash on Life (NLOL) had been successfully saving and placing animals in Los Angeles since 1997, and was eager to expand their efforts beyond the West Coast. Sharing a common goal, the two groups joined forces to found New Leash on Life Chicago.

New Leash on Life's first born, Phoenix.
New Leash on Life's first born, Phoenix.

Being a diverse group themselves, they decided no breed was too strange, no size was too difficult, and no age was too old or young. Thus, they were led to the facility who holds every combination of dogs, and walked into Chicago's Animal Care and Control.

Today, New Leash on Life Chicago has rescued over 650 dogs, and the majority of these have come from CACC. The members of NLOL Chicago pride themselves on the fact that no dog will ever be overlooked by our intake directors. Often focusing on the "non-adoptable" dogs, our directors have discovered hundreds of dogs that may have not seen the outside of the County facility, just by being patient and waiting for the dog to overcome her fear or anxiety, and by seeing the true personality inside.

We love what we do and we never plan to stop. We could not manage what we do without you who are reading this, our amazing supporters.