St. Puppy's Day Match Campaign

luck (/lək) 968Synonyms: fortune – chance – happiness – hap – fate – felicity

One of the best things about our New Leash community is that we are a huge family – a family of dog lovers, supporters, adopters, admirers; a fam

ily of people wanting to make a difference in the world one dog at a time. This St. Patrick’s Day, we are reaching out to our family to help us continue to make a difference – with a little bit of luck.

You see, it was a little bit of luck that brought Brian into a pet store where he saw one of our NLOL pups for the first time. At least, we believe it was luck, because he soon became part of our family through his passion to save “just one more” homeless dog. The story behind his passion can be found here, on our blog. The road has been long and full of both love and loss for Brian – but today, he wants to create a little luck for more homeless dogs.


Brian has offered to donate $2500 to New Leash on Life―Chicago if we can raise the same amount by St. Patrick’s Day (Sunday, March 17). That means that your donation can go doubly far to help New Leash on Life rescue more lucky dogs! No amount is too small; every single penny will help.

As a double bonus, we’ve having a bar party to celebrate!  After all, what’s St. Paddy’s Day without a pint? Join us at Irish Eyes on Lincoln on Wednesday, March 13 from 7-10 p.m. All tips earned by our volunteer guest bartenders will be donated to NLOL!  To sweeten this pot of gold, we’ll also have live Irish music music by Brendan Diamond(NLOL foster dad and adopter extraordinaire), a raffle, and NLOL merchandise for sale! All this will benefit the little people who need it the most: no, not the leprechauns – the pups!

Springtime is usually the time when the number of homeless dogs swell, leaving the dogs at risk of starvation, malnutrition, and, in many cases, euthanasia. Your donation will help us find many more pups to give them a new chance at love and a new leash on life. Please consider donating today.

Create some luck for a homeless pup – and help us meet Brian’s challenge. Click to donate.

 What about the man behind this lucky mission?

He approached NLOL with this offer and when we asked what he would say to those donating, he answered.

NLOL: Why are you so passionate about rescue? photo

Brian: 13 years ago, my late partner, Frank, and I met a woman who had rescued a yellow lab Gus. We fell in love with Gus and adopted him on the spot.  He's really the one that changed us forever in regards to our respect for rescue.  It was through his rescuer, Appi, that we learned about all of the dogs and cats that never get homes and have such sad lives and endings. My partner, Frank died suddenly in Aug 2011 and Gus was there with me thru that incredible loss.

At that time, Gus himself was suffering from lung cancer.  We weren't fortunate to beat it with multiple rounds of chemo but Gussie was a good sport thru it all and never, ever lost his loving, kind nature.

After getting me through Frank's passing and into the new spring, Gussie left me to join Frank and our other babies.  When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't bear the silence in the house and started looking around. I found Gino (my Dachshund) through a rescue.  I quickly decided he needed a buddy and Mack (my Labrador) came next.  So the story continues.

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NLOL: What advice would you give to someone trying to make a difference?

Brian: Please try to adopt and if you can't adopt, then foster.  If you can't foster, contribute your time or resources to the many organizations like NLOL so that they can help you make a difference.  We are all part of a bigger plan and any giving makes the entire enterprise work.  You'll feel great, you'll feel appreciated, and you'll know that your kindness meant that at least one beautiful pet had a happy ending.

We could not have said it better ourselves. Thank you, Brian.


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